PROM PREP – Prom 2018

Gorgeous gowns are starting to arrive for Prom 2018. We want to share a couple of tips and tricks in order to get your dream gown at Dynamite Designs Boutique. For many this will be the first time shopping for formal wear.


Start the buzz and be the first in your school to score your prom look! By shopping early you can make sure that your prom vision will take shape flawlessly. Many designers allow special orders to be done for specific color and sizes of their gowns while others only produce a select amount per season (notably Sherri Hill). This year we are in love with the fashions from: Sherri Hill, Jovani, JVN, La Femme Fashion, Sydney’s Closet and Sean Collection. Avoid the stress of not getting your top choice and order in January or February.


We know it can be frustrating to learn that gown sizing is not your typical pant and/or top size. When working with designer gowns it is important to first understand the construction and fabrication of the gown. Where is the zipper located and what fabrication did the designer select? This gives you a better understanding of why certain sizes may fit you better than others. One thing we always note is that a gown that has a zipper located on the side of the garment most commonly results in women having to go up in size. In terms of fabrication many women love the comfort of a gown in the jersey construction and are often found to size down as this ensures a snug, yet comfortable fit.


Many times 3 measurements are taken into effect: bust, waist and hips. Each of these measurements are considered when determining a gown size. After being measured and reviewing a designers’ size chart a sales associate will advise the ‘best fit’ size.  It is important that you try on the gown prior to your prom to know if any alterations need to be done. Most typically all gowns need a little fine tuning prior to wearing. No matter how big or small you may think the alteration may be always plan ample time for alterations to be done so that you look simply radiant!


Most customers enjoy shopping for a gown with close friends and/or family. It is great to hear their opinions of which gowns they like best but remember that at the end of the day you will be the one wearing it and taking pictures that will hopefully be cherished for your lifetime. Make sure your gown reflects you personally and take opinions of others lightly. At Dynamite we like to say ‘Being yourself in a Dynamite dress is key!’